Welcome to our CPI Platform powered by AI BiNeuro. - The Neuronet to manage your Google PPC (Pay-per-click), CPI (Cost-per-Install), CPA (Cost-per-Action) advertising campaigns.

«Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half».

John Wanamaker

In 2017, UCT WORLD CORPORATION ( was nominated to TOP 10 of Google 's fastest growing partners, owing to the BiNeuro system. Our company have been developing and using the in-house version of BiNeuro since 2009. On the advertising campaigns of our clients, BiNeuro shows a stable increase in the campaign's performance by at least 50%. BiNeuro is an artificial intelligence system built on Data Science Technology: machine learning (neural networks), Big Data, Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA), fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms.

The need to manage the multi-factor process in a qualitative way leads the company to a significant increase in the cost of organizing advertising campaigns, and this still does not save us from ineffectiveness.

Comparison of various strategies for Google advertising campaign management for an advertiser

Self-running an online campaign Work through a traditional advertising agency Work through the BiNeuro partner
Effectiveness of advertising campaign Below average Standard (at the Google average) Significantly exceeds Google's averages
Number of considering parameters 5-10 40 1000 - 300 000
Cost of service low, but usually requires a dedicated person very high – the content of the professional team Low - Artificial Intelligence instead of expensive professionals
Usability Complicated and incomprehensible AdWords interface Complicated and incomprehensible interface of AdWords + a team of highly paid specialists who explains it very convenient and intuitive interface BiNeuro + BiNeuro Partner
Protection of analytical data from markups, click fraud etc. neglected in the Google standards Additional protection through the AI and Blockchain mechanisms
Multilingual support of advertising campaign 1-2 languages 5-6 languages All languages supported by Google
Advertising campaigns experience 2-10 300-400 80 000+
Ability to manage and analyze online impossible periodically 24/7

By what BiNeuro improves efficiency and how it can be measured?

BiNeuro is an artificial intelligence - a neural network that can learn and accumulate experience. The system becomes "smarter" with every new Internet advertising campaign.

Taking into account the fact that a high-quality expert in Internet promotion is able to conduct a maximum of 100 advertising campaigns for a year, BiNeuro, which has carried out more than 80,000 advertising PPC campaigns in Google since 2009, can by human standards be considered a digital expert with 800 years of experience!

During the campaign, BiNeuro takes into account from 1,000 parameters for small customers and up to 300,000 for large online stores and reacts to changes in the situation in 24/7 mode. For comparison, a high-end digital expert can "keep in mind" at best 40 parameters and devote the one hour in a few day for a separate campaign.

The value of parameters at which the campaign provides maximum efficiency (the achievement of KPI parameters of the campaign) is called the Targeted Image (TI) of the campaign. BiNeuro corrects the values and seeks to bring them to the Target Image by itself.

BiNeuro contains not only function of neuro-optimization, but also a system of expert assessments. The system stores the library of Target Images of the most successful campaigns geographically and industry-related, and when a new client appears, BiNeuro immediately turns to the similar experience.

Using BiNeuro allows to increase the efficiency of PPC campaigns by at least 50% in 87% of cases and these parameters grow with the experience of the system.

How can this be measured independently?

With the same budget, the number of conversions or targeted traffic (depending on the goals of the campaign) increases by at least 50% compared to the campaign configured by professionals.

If an account with an already working analytics and conversion tracking (goals) is set up by the professionals of the TOP level, then in a maximum of 3 months the number of achievement goals increases by at least 50%. If you connect an account that was configured independently or not by professionals, then the effect may appear in a few days and the growth will be up to 20 times.

You can see the effectiveness of the system by yourself - by connecting your account to the system on the site and comparing the results before and after the minimal period of 1 month.

Where does BiNeuro take so many parameters for tracking?

Google specialists have developed an effective, but complex system of artificial intelligence, which has become superior to human capabilities in its understanding:

Google Adwords targeting limits:

In addition, each target element in Google Adwords (as well as in other PPC advertising systems) corresponds to the system of the main hierarchical groups (MCC account, account, company, group, keywords, ADS), each of which includes 20 to 60 parameters, each of which can take from 2 to 150 values.

For example, when Google Adwords generates an ad campaign rating for a single word or a keyword phrase, it uses hundreds of parameters, not just such commonly known parameters as CTR, CPC, Avg.CPC, cost, Avg.pos, Interactions, Quality Score, Conversions , PTR, Search lost IS (rank), which are mostly oriented advertising agencies - professionals.

And, for example, even such a simple task as decoding such an important parameter as the CTR (click-through rate) for the passphrase may be different, depending on other parameters and their correlation, and also has a temporary cyclicity unique for each advertising campaign.

A human simply can’t physically process such a large number of parameters, especially if this must be done regularly.

On the base of the BiNeuro's practical experience of 80 000 real advertising campaigns, the number of parameters taken into account often reaches 300 000.

Using BiNeuro CPI Platform you can get following services:

1. CPI (Cost-per-Install)

Specific to mobile applications, CPI is the price an advertiser pays whenever the consumer installs the advertised application. Owing to AI BiNeuro you will get optimal price of your mobile App installation.

2. CPI+Lookalike

Using BiNeuro Lookalike procedure we will target your dvertising to high value users that is ready to pay money and are ideal for your business, so you know your ad budget isn’t going to waste on the wrong prospects.

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