Blockchain inside NeuroAdvertising Ecosystem - The Neuronet to manage your Google PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaign

«Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half».

John Wanamaker

In 2017, UCT WORLD CORPORATION ( was nominated to TOP 10 of Google 's fastest growing partners, owing to the BiNeuro system. Our company have been developing and using the in-house version of BiNeuro since 2009. On the advertising campaigns of our clients, BiNeuro shows a stable increase in the campaign's performance by at least 50%. BiNeuro is an artificial intelligence system built on Data Science Technology: machine learning (neural networks), Big Data, Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA), fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms.

The need to manage the multi-factor process in a qualitative way leads the company to a significant increase in the cost of organizing advertising campaigns, and this still does not save us from ineffectiveness.

Scaling BiNeuro by transferring to WEB interface that allows a small advertising agency or freelancer, independently and effectively carry out online advertising campaigns for small and large customers, is able to reformat the market with volume of $ 220.83 billion in a short time.

How our Partner could earn Essential Profit with the help of BiNeuro?

The economy of advertising agency Your Business with BiNeuro
The budget of the end customer on Google PPC ($ per month) 2500 2500
Google costs for PPC $ 2000 2000
Technical Staff costs/Cost of BiNeuro service $ 400 250
EBITDA PPC (per one client) $ 100 250
Number of clients 20 20
EBITDA PPC (for whole client base) $ 2000 5000

The use of Blockchain technology and smart contracts will allow users from all over the world to be confident in the transactions security, as well as in the reliability of a number of key analytical data, that will be verificated by Blockchain.

Comparison of various strategies for Google advertising campaign management for an advertiser

Self-running an online campaign Work through a traditional advertising agency Work through the BiNeuro partner
Effectiveness of advertising campaign Below average Standard (at the Google average) Significantly exceeds Google's averages
Number of considering parameters 5-10 40 1000 - 300 000
Cost of service low, but usually requires a dedicated person very high – the content of the professional team Low - Artificial Intelligence instead of expensive professionals
Usability Complicated and incomprehensible AdWords interface Complicated and incomprehensible interface of AdWords + a team of highly paid specialists who explains it very convenient and intuitive interface BiNeuro + BiNeuro Partner
Protection of analytical data from markups, click fraud etc. neglected in the Google standards Additional protection through the AI and Blockchain mechanisms
Multilingual support of advertising campaign 1-2 languages 5-6 languages All languages supported by Google
Advertising campaigns experience 2-10 300-400 80 000+
Ability to manage and analyze online impossible periodically 24/7

By what BiNeuro improves efficiency and how it can be measured?

BiNeuro is an artificial intelligence - a neural network that can learn and accumulate experience. The system becomes "smarter" with every new Internet advertising campaign.

Taking into account the fact that a high-quality expert in Internet promotion is able to conduct a maximum of 100 advertising campaigns for a year, BiNeuro, which has carried out more than 80,000 advertising PPC campaigns in Google since 2009, can by human standards be considered a digital expert with 800 years of experience!

During the campaign, BiNeuro takes into account from 1,000 parameters for small customers and up to 300,000 for large online stores and reacts to changes in the situation in 24/7 mode. For comparison, a high-end digital expert can "keep in mind" at best 40 parameters and devote the one hour in a few day for a separate campaign.

The value of parameters at which the campaign provides maximum efficiency (the achievement of KPI parameters of the campaign) is called the Targeted Image (TI) of the campaign. BiNeuro corrects the values and seeks to bring them to the Target Image by itself.

BiNeuro contains not only function of neuro-optimization, but also a system of expert assessments. The system stores the library of Target Images of the most successful campaigns geographically and industry-related, and when a new client appears, BiNeuro immediately turns to the similar experience.

Using BiNeuro allows to increase the efficiency of PPC campaigns by at least 50% in 87% of cases and these parameters grow with the experience of the system.

How can this be measured independently?

With the same budget, the number of conversions or targeted traffic (depending on the goals of the campaign) increases by at least 50% compared to the campaign configured by professionals.

If an account with an already working analytics and conversion tracking (goals) is set up by the professionals of the TOP level, then in a maximum of 3 months the number of achievement goals increases by at least 50%. If you connect an account that was configured independently or not by professionals, then the effect may appear in a few days and the growth will be up to 20 times.

You can see the effectiveness of the system by yourself - by connecting your account to the system on the site and comparing the results before and after the minimal period of 1 month.

How does BiNeuro interact with the User?

User BiNeuro
Indicates: address of the advertised website subjects of his business geographical area planned budget
Analyzes the site and other information received from the user
When you connect an account with a history, the system analyzes it and includes the account history in its "experience"
Сhooses from its “experience” successful advertising campaigns with a similar theme
Forms a list of monitored parameters for this campaign
Creates a basic promotion strategy and submits for approval to the user
Based on the successful experience of past campaigns, system can recommend the user to add some types of promotional materials
Can make adjustments at its discretion, add or order promotional materials from Partners or Ecosystem Participants.
Approves an advertising campaign
Launches an advertising campaign and begins to bring the values of the monitored parameters to the Target Image

Where does BiNeuro take so many parameters for tracking?

Google specialists have developed an effective, but complex system of artificial intelligence, which has become superior to human capabilities in its understanding:

Google Adwords targeting limits:

In addition, each target element in Google Adwords (as well as in other PPC advertising systems) corresponds to the system of the main hierarchical groups (MCC account, account, company, group, keywords, ADS), each of which includes 20 to 60 parameters, each of which can take from 2 to 150 values.

For example, when Google Adwords generates an ad campaign rating for a single word or a keyword phrase, it uses hundreds of parameters, not just such commonly known parameters as CTR, CPC, Avg.CPC, cost, Avg.pos, Interactions, Quality Score, Conversions , PTR, Search lost IS (rank), which are mostly oriented advertising agencies - professionals.

And, for example, even such a simple task as decoding such an important parameter as the CTR (click-through rate) for the passphrase may be different, depending on other parameters and their correlation, and also has a temporary cyclicity unique for each advertising campaign.

A human simply can’t physically process such a large number of parameters, especially if this must be done regularly.

On the base of the BiNeuro's practical experience of 80 000 real advertising campaigns, the number of parameters taken into account often reaches 300 000.

Who is our primary target audience and why is BiNeuro very important for it?

Small and medium-sized advertising agencies, web studios and creative studios have difficulties with effective promotion of their customers.

The minimal staff for high-quality conducting high-tech Internet campaign includes:

The need to exercise administrative control and constantly find orders for their uploading delivers additional complexity for small and medium-sized advertising agencies.

There are unequal conditions for market participants, when large advertising agencies, due to large budgets for marketing and analytics, simply suppress small and medium-sized businesses. First of all, due to the manual work of high-level professional groups.

For small advertising agencies and freelancers, using BiNeuro will be especially revolutionary, because possessing only creative competence or even just having a client base they can provide technological service superior to the quality of service of major advertising agencies.

BiNeuro allows Partners to build their business not only by providing technological outsourcing for PPC, SEO, KMC, SMM, etc., but also helps them find customers, allows them to use their brand, promotes their services in internal and external advertising, and also allows to use other opportunities that the Ecosystem provides.

As far as BiNeuro supports advertising campaigns in all languages in which Google operates, and the user can work with the system completely autonomously, we expect that more than 340,000 advertising agencies, as well as 12 million freelancers in global Internet marketing will become our Partners.

The development strategy of the BiNeuro Ecosystem. The use of BiNeuro (BNR) Token

Stage 1 - The explosive growth of the customer base

Unique indicators of the effectiveness of the PPC Neuro-optimization service will lead to an explosive growth of the BiNeuro client base, consisting of Partners and their Clients - direct advertisers.

BiNeuro Ecosystem will take fixed commission fees, for connection and subscription fee for the maintenance of PPC Neuro-optimization

Based on the strategy of explosive growth stimulation, at the start we create the most simple conditions to pay for PPC neuro-optimization. We give customers the opportunity to pay for this service through the broadest range of traditional fiat payment methods (bank transfer, SWIFT, PayPal, etc).

The BNR Token will be an exclusive means of payment for advertising in the internal advertising network, as well as the means of payment with a discount for PPC neuro-optimization services on client request.

Stage 2 - Development of BiNeuro Ecosystem

At the second stage, Partners will have an opportunity to become a part of the BiNeuro Ecosystem. In addition to Partners, the Ecosystem will also include Participants - specialists, contractors, bloggers, offline media, Clients, etc.

The BiNeuro Ecosystem creates maximum opportunities for Partners to develop their own business, giving them the following functionality:

Stage 3 - expand the list of services and traffic sources

In the portfolio of services, in addition to PPC advertising, will be added SEO promotion, Programmatic, SMM, CPA.

BiNeuro starting work with Google, after some improvements will be connected to Bing, Facebook, Baidu, Yandex, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Wechat

Our achievements

The main types of Internet advertising

1. PPC-advertising

PPC advertising is a text or text-and-graphics modules demonstrated at the sites that are in the context of an audience of advertising object, or a specific user. Basically, PPC advertising can correspond to the thematic focus of the site on which it is displayed, or displayed based on the searches / interests of the user. The big advantage of PPC advertising is its targeting - the target orientation to the interests of the audience. PPC ads are shown only if the user has already shown interest in this topic, or when the advertised product corresponds to the topic of the site on which it is located. At the same time, payment for the demonstration of advertising is done in a personal manner, what is for the specific action of the user. Subspecies of PPC advertising - search engine PPC advertising provides access to the target audience. These are the customers who already know what they want to buy, and are just looking for where. An example of such a query in the search system: buy a tour to Egypt.

2. Banner / display /Programmatic

Advertising, placed on banners (graphics media) - one of the first that appeared in the web space. Static or animated advertising objects are focused on attracting the attention of the audience. But it is quite difficult to call them targeted. As a rule, banners are used to increase the recognition of a product, trademark, brand, or to disseminate information about existing promotions, discounts, special offers. Among other types of Internet advertising, the media stand out with relatively low clickability - there are not too many transitions, but usually they are targeted. And with the right choice of the site give a good return in the end. Payment for placing banner ads is usually calculated by the number of impressions or the broadcast time - the fee for a click here is not relevant. Exactly the same scheme of cooperation offers both centralized sites that organize the placement of banners, and private owners of media resources. With the connection of Programmatic technologies this kind of advertising became more popular, because there was more information about the public of the sites and the system learned to target more qualitatively, which significantly increased the effectiveness of media advertising.

3. SEO

SEO-optimization can not be attributed to the category of Internet advertising, but the goals and objectives of these two areas of activity are general converge. In fact, due to SEO-optimization, the problems of attracting visitors, increasing the attractiveness, popularity of the web project with the audience are solved. And, in general, this is quite the same as what most advertisers want to achieve in the end. SEO-optimization is always aimed at increasing the position of the site in the issuance of search engines. Accordingly, the higher position of the web resource, the more confidence it will cause the audience. Most of targeted account visitors falls on search traffic.. That is why search optimization in any case is recommended to include in a set of measures aimed at promoting goods and services. Among the disadvantages of SEO - the need for permanent work with the site. It is the regular updating of content without loss of quality that will allow you to keep the positions you won after achieving the desired result. In addition, it is worth remembering that the processes of SEO are difficult to predict. For advancement, it may take from several months to a year or two.

4. In SMM / SMO social networks

Advertising in social networks is developing in two main directions - on the principle of targeting (contextual, media) SMM or SMO - marketing optimization of the promoted product within the selected site. Many popular social projects have already launched their own advertising networks, which allow distributing advertising within the framework of the site taking into account its subjects and other parameters. This significantly simplifies the launch of advertising campaigns of any scale and allows you to plan not only further promotion, but also the budget spent for advertising funds.

5. CPA networks

Promotion of the project through the CPA network allows you to receive customers with guaranteed efficiency for a particular project. The CPA network advertiser orders a fixed price conversion (the goals of the site). But, unfortunately, the share of low-quality motivated and frankly fraudulent traffic in this type of advertising is especially high and additional analytics and security measures are required.

6. Influence marketing

Influence marketing is the power of persuasion, which is applicable in any business sector. Many companies are convinced that this is one of the best way to increase the degree of confidence in their product on the part of the consumer. After all, the fact remains unchallenged - thanks to experts recommendations , authorities, celebrities, business developing faster and sales are increasing. Marketing influences also fosters brand awareness.